Dee Noon Corporation Sdn Bhd was established in May 2006.

The company had expanded gradually over the years from a factory at Valdor, Penang to three owned factories at Sungai Baong Furniture Industries Park, Penang.

The principal activity of our company is the manufacturing of concept lifestyle furniture with modular and vertical integration in designs. Our products consist of Bedroom Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Kitchen Furniture, Children Furniture and so on. Currently, our products are exported to around 20 countries, including European countries, Japan, and the United States. Besides, we manufacture OEM products of your choices, built-in kitchen cabinets catering for housing projects in Peninsular Malaysia.

We have the capacities in producing around 70 containers per month. Besides, we have met the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, therefore, we are able to produce the highest quality’s furniture in order to fulfil customer expectations. We also succeeded in implementing automation work plant. In 2017, we enhanced our company with 5S and LEAN system that could strengthen our working environment and production system.

Our company possesses a management team with 28 staffs and workforce numbering about 200 persons. Due to the unflinching support of our suppliers and customers, we have become one of the most respected manufacturers in the furniture industry.

Our commitment to promoting cost-effective, high quality and competitive pricing has further enhanced our leading stand in the furniture industry.

Dee Noon is expected to continue with its expansion via the adoption of IoT technologies and best practices.


To be the world-class furniture manufacturer offering superior quality of products at affordable prices.


At Dee Noon, we are committed to provide customers with superior value through the delivery of innovative contemporary furniture with high and reliable quality.

We are committed to provide quality objectives and achieve on-time delivery. We provide products and services that meet all customer’s expectations as one of our cultures is service-oriented.
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